Matilda Lindell
Matilda is a freelance singer and a vocal coach, educated at the Royal University of Music in Stockholm. She has been the lead vocalist in several bands, done backing vocals for many of Swedens big artists and she’s working as a vocal coach at Voice centre in Stockholm (www.voicecentre.se). She also writes her own music and is now recording her first solo album. For three years, she was a member of the a cappella group Riltons Vänner (www.riltonsvanner.com) who released several albums where Matilda contributed with her music and they toured a lot in Sweden and around the world.


Martin Håkansson
Martin, the Musical Director of Waterloo the band, has worked as a freelance musician since 1996, when he decided to move to Stockholm from Linköping. He loves playing all sorts of keyboards, preferably old vintage synths. He also writes and arranges music (e.g. filmscores) and has sometimes contributed with string arrangements to the band when needed. He has his own studio in the center of Stockholm where he does recording and mixing work.


Sandra Vallin
Sandra Wallin has toured with well known swedish pianist Robert Wells in China and the US with the show ”Rhapsody In Rock”. They performed eg at the prestigious Kodac Theatre in Los Angeles, where she sang side by side with the winner of American Idol 2005 and Peter Jöback. In Sweden she has been heard together with Charlotte Perelli and Pernilla Wahlgren. In 2006 Sandra released her own album ”Zandra” which had the radiohit ”I am your woman” on it. Besides music her big interest for now is visiting her sister and her little child. Sandra is a very proud aunt! The biggest musical experience of her life is when she performed in Nanning in China before 70,000 people in the crowd and 800 milj viewers watching a live broadcast. ”I’ll never forget that gig!”


Marica Lindé
Marica decided to be a singer at the age of six when she followed her Grandmother to the local church-choire back home in Dalecarlia. For more than ten years now she has kept herself busy singing behind many well known swedish artists such as e.g. E-Type and Jill Johnson. Besides that Marica also plays a part in ”Pistvakt”, a popular swedish tv-comedy. Just recently she released her album ”Bara På Lek”, with her own original songs. Maricas passion is writing music and lyrics in all genres, but her heart beats a little extra for the bossanova. ”You can’t feel blue to a good bossanova, you just have to smile.” The strangest tour memory she has is during a playback-tour, with the group Attack in China 1999. Marica went as a guitarplayer without knowing how to play… After that she learned how to. When not on tour she goes to her country house in the north of Sweden to enjoy the silence and the nature.


Mia Ternström
Mia Ternström has freelanced as an actress and singer since 1998 and was educated at Scenstudion in Stockholm. She has partaken in TV-series, acted in free groups and filmed in Sweden and abroad. Since 2004 she is a member of the dramatic vocal ensemble The Romeo & Juliet Choir at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. With them she has performed at the Nobel Festivities, HRH Victoria’s wedding and toured all over Europe. Mia takes great pride in performing the songs of Abba alongside with acting and singing renaissance music and opera.


Johan Löfgren
I am a guitarplayer and a singer. I started out on guitar at the age of ten. AC/DC was the first band I listened to and they are still my favourites as to this day. Through the years I have played with many of Swedens wellknown artists and I also have a master in music education at The Royal Collage Of Music in Stockholm. My favourite gig so far far is the sold out show we did with Waterloo at The Hollywood Bowl Arena in Los Angeles. When I don´t play I like to spend time at the countryside. With Waterloo I´ve been travelling almost all around the world so it is really nice to relax in the calm of the forest every now and then. In the future I hope that Waterloo will continue to be the leading tributeband in the world and I really wish that we will have the opportunity to also tour in Southamerica and Australia. These two continents are still waiting for us. At last I want to give my best to all ABBA fans – I hope we see you soon! Best wishes from Johan Löfgren.


Maria Almlöv
(Back-up vocals)
Maria Almlöv was born and raised in the small town of Tierp. She moved to Stockholm 1992 beginning her musical studies. She graduated 1998 from The Royal College Of Music and has since then made her living freelancing as a singer, musician and as a teacher. Maria has been doing various work in TV, radio and recording sessions, besides the numerous gigs worldwide with THE VISITORS (Waterloo) since 1999. Maria Almlöv is also an entertainer in the Swedish Armed Forces and has performed in countries like Djibouti and Kosovo. 2004 she released her own album ”About Time”, a country rock/americana inspired album, on which all the songs were written and produced by Maria.


Charlotte Charlie Berg
(Backup- vocals)
Singing and music has always been an important part of Charlottes life, she has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her musical roots (besides ABBA;) steem from folkmusic, especially from the island of Gotland where she was born and raised. She had her own band for several years, they recorded two albums and also played as an opening act for Coldplay. She also worked as a backup singer, and sung duets with several wellknown swedish artists. 2011Charlotte released her solo album ”Fritt fall” with original swedish songs. Alongside with musicianship she works at a ”rockgymnasium” where she teaches students to become new rockstars! What truly inspire her is going to concerts, preferably at smaller more intimate venues.
Tom sc USA keps(liten)
Tom Beimel
Tom has been working as a professional bassplayer/composer for over 20 years in a variety of different musical circumstances and genres. His work include TV, theatre, musicals, festivals, studio sessions and backing up recording artists besides being the bass player in The Visitors (former Waterloo).Within the line of  being a member of this band, he has had the great privilege of extensive touring worldwide, many times performing for 10 000 people or more. ”It´s an incredible feeling to be on stage in front of so many people. One of the most memorable gigs was playing for a sold out Hollywood Bowl in L.A. The crowded Royal Albert Hall in London wasn´t too bad either…”Besides devoting his life to music, he spends alot of time chilling out with his dog Ronja.He is also building himself a career as a composer for film/web, something that he has always felt a deep attraction to. (tombeimelcomposer.com)
Jonas Lidholm
Jonas has been playing drums since age 7 and always wanted to be a professional drummer. Now, 28 years later, he’s acheived his goal and is a busy freelance drummer since 15 years. He has worked with numerous Swedish artists including Jill Johnson, Rongedal, Tomas Di Leva, Nordman, Charlotte Perelli and many more. In addition to this he also holds a Masters of fine arts in music, a degree he´s earned at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. In 2003 Jonas began working with Waterloo, subbing for their regular drummer at the time. In 2005, when the opportunity arose for him to join the band as a full member, he said yes without a moments hesitation. -Being in this band allows me to play great songs with great musicians, what more could you ask for? The fact that I also get to travel all over the world and see places I probably never would have seen otherwise certainly doesn’t make it worse! One of the most thrilling moments with the band was when we entered the stage at the Hollywood Bowl in front of a screaming sold out house. Instant goosebumps!


Marcus Olsson
(Synth & Sax)
Hi, my name is Marcus Olsson. I play keyboards, saxophone and also sing backing vocals in Waterloo. I´ve been playing with the band on and off, since 1999. Actually, that very same year, I finished my studies at KMH (Royal College of Music In Stockholm), where I studied saxophone and composition. Also, that was where I first met some of the members of Waterloo, Tom, Maria, Jonas. I´m a fulltime musician, playing with alot of different bands, styles and artists. To name a few; ”Peter Murphy´s Carver Combo”, ”Ambassadeur”, Ulf Lundell, Magnus Uggla, Lena Philipsson, Linda Ström, Charlie Persson… I´ve also an album in my name out for sale, where I do all the lead singing. It is called ”Then you will know”. Check it out! ☺ For me it´s not the type of music I´m playing at the moment that is most important, It´s having fun and enjoying what I´m doing. Waterloo is great fun, both on and off stage! Take care, see you out there!!!


Christian Fast
Christian works as a fulltime guitarist and songwriter. In Waterloo he plays lead guitar and sings back-up vocals. Part from playing with Waterloo Christian has also worked both as a guitarist and musical director with some of Sweden´s biggest names such as Uno Svenningsson, Lena Ph, Mats Ronander, Måns Zelmerlöw, Sonja Aldén, Charlotte Perrelli among others. Some of the highlights on stage is the sold-out show with Waterloo at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles 2004 and performing with long-time favourite Uno Svenningsson. Christian´s interests outside the music scene is movies which is a great inspiration. ”Poplife” in general is a big part of his life and that includes fashion, art and hanging out with family and friends.